Sign-up for Mr. Daniel SCREEN TIME - Pay-What-You-Want

Sign-up for Mr. Daniel SCREEN TIME - Pay-What-You-Want

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Help me get this project off the ground!!! I've been dreaming of creating videos for the very young that we can all feel great about, and I'm ready to make it happen.

In an age of ubiquitous screens and the necessity to develop discerning critical thinking when it comes to how we engage with all these screens, I want to be an advocate for healthy interaction between children and their screens.

So I'm launching a project to develop what we intend to be thoughtful, compassionate, and mindful video content for you and your young ones. 

We're hoping to raise $1000 to get us started. It will help pay for some basic equipment like cameras and lights and for the time spent making the first videos.

There is no minimum donation requirement because every little bit helps!

Each family that donates will receive an invitation to join the private testing group for viewing and developing what we hope is revolutionary video content for kids. Come join us, watch the videos with your kids, and lend your voice and ideas to the mission!

Thanks so much :)